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Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s Daily Devotional The Holy Spirit Lives In Our Lives – Transformation. I will be taking your advice highlighting the holy scriptures, jotting down all that the holy Spirit does and then praying that He does the same in me. I am one of those who needs to see the holy Spirit be active in me.

3 years ago

Ahorita acabo de orar con el vídeo que me mandas. Me has hecho llorar a mares. Dios te pague. Es la respuesta que me manda Dios a todas mis oraciones ! Ha significado mucho mucho en mi vida. Gracias Preciosa tía y ángel de la guarda.  Dear Bruce Above the comments from my grateful niece. You spoke about your special granddaughter yesterday so I sent it to my niece who, likewise, has a special 26 year old son. Your words moved her and she felt the touch of God. She says: I have just finished praying with the video. I… Read more »