Behind the Scenes - Pentecost Sunday

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Cathy Bartock
3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message with all! An amazing message that went right to my heart! Thank you Holy Spirit for opening my heart and ears to the Lord’s word!! Blessings to you Bruce and to your family and staff!

Maureen Hamilton
3 months ago

Thank you Bruce
While I love the daily devotionals this longer session is so valuable. It brings me closer to God.
Love and blessings to you, your family and your team.

Ursel Mihelcic
3 months ago


3 months ago

This was very powerful. Thank you for sharing this with us. I pray deeply for the holy spirit to touch me the way you experienced it Bruce. I am yearning for this day to come and then that will truly be the most powerful and beautiful moment for me. Bless and pray Bruce for your beautiful prayer and the way you bring God to us. I hope you come to Melbourne and i pray deeply i get to meet or see or hear you here . If you come. You have and are really changing my life, after what i… Read more »

Anne Lombardo
3 months ago

Bruce you are a gift from God to all of us. I found you I believe by Divine intervention. Your words have a tremendous impact on my life. My prayers are with you always.

3 months ago

Some is US… We need more of this one on one openness which is such a needed “reinforcement “ of His Word, in a world that is filled with darkness😢 and just his shouldn’t be!!! The sincerity of your Love of Him and others is a blessed sign that gives hope to those in desperate need and a blessed assurance for those of us who have already surrendered each day given to us as a gift to live and be led by Him and others! Thanks is never enough..🙏 for favor and energy and joy and much laughter! 🎉 each… Read more »

3 months ago

Thank you Holy Spirit for Bruce, for the gifts you have given him to enable him to share with us, that we may grow, that I may grow in my faith. In the 2 years I have been following Bruce I have grown so much deeper in my faith. Now I am learning and calling on you Holy Spirit to give me the power to surrender my life completely to you. Take permanent residence in me, Jesus you are the center of my life. God Bless you and carry you and your family always. 🙏 🔥 💕 Thank you for… Read more »

3 months ago

Bruce thank you for sharing this personal message with us. May God open doors for you and your ministry so that you can share Gods Words with all those who are in such desperate need of them. I pray that your ministry reaches the younger generation as I feel they are the ones who need to experience God’s love. Thank you and your team for the daily devotionals. I found them during Covid and they were and continue to be a blessing to me. May God bless you all.

3 months ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing this personal message on Pentecost. It touched me deeply, just when I needed reassurance in my heart and my prayer life. I pray that you and you ministry continue to touch more people in such a powerful way.
God Bless you all 🙏🏼🙏🏼😇😇

Chris Stanard
3 months ago

This is wonderful. A little more casual and less produced is a good thing.
I would like to see more!

3 months ago

I pray the infilling of the HS for my son Tjand wife

Leslie LaRou
3 months ago

May God bless you richly in this very important journey.

Jill Mitchell
3 months ago

Just watched ‘Behind the Scenes.’

Thank you for inviting us to watch it with you all.

Powerful for sure.

Makes me think of a wonderful motor vehicle, which alas, cannot transport us, as it has no.petrol in the tank, the radiator has no water, and the tyres need to be pumped.

We just cannot perform optimally without the Holy Spirit either. We need Him in order to operate from day to day.

Praying for you all that the Holy Spirut will guide and keep you all, in His tender care.

3 months ago

Thank you for sharing that personal message, I am honored to hear it and to know how deeply you love your staff and also us by opening your life “behind the scenes” to us a bit, a lovely message. At one time not that long ago i really did not know or understand the Holy Spirit, Was told it was a Mystery and We just believe. There is no Mystery about loving God, about the love of His Son Jesus and about the advocate who came to make sure we were NEVER alone until we are with the Father in… Read more »

3 months ago

Thank you Bruce, It has taken me a few days to be able to watch and listen, It has given me a lot to think and pray about.

Barry Tennihan
3 months ago

The most helpful discussion of The Holy Spirit I have ever heard. Thank you.

R. Librandi
3 months ago

Yeah sure!!!! You’ve lost your glasses and keys????? We love humour and God loves it too. Have a great week ahead.👍😂

Kathy O'Connor
3 months ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing this incredible message with us today. Bless you and your staff as you travel and share the word of God.

3 months ago

Thank you Bruce, for sharing this very special behind the scenes talk. It was very informative and enlightening, and I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to bless and guide you, in all your endeavours.

3 months ago

Please pray for Psp