A Time of Prayer - 20th May

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11 months ago

What a wonderful prayer! Thank you Rosemary

11 months ago

Thank you Rosemary!

Shirley Jenner
11 months ago

Praise God for prayers answered!

Maureen Green
11 months ago

Thank you so much Rosemary. You have set me up beautifully for the rest of the day. I shall .listen to this devotional many times over the coming days. Many thabks

11 months ago

Be very blessed for sharing and bringing to the forefront of our minds His great and wondrous and unconditional love He has for each us. Have the joy filled awesome day He has planned, for certain I shall…thanks again and prayers for this ministry go up every day and throughout the day as you are making a difference one person at a time, and the ripple affect is so pleasing to Our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

11 months ago

Thank you Rosemary. I have felt like you at times. This morning is one of them. Grateful for your Bible reading and prayer.

Isabel. Jimenez
11 months ago

Amen 🙏

11 months ago

Rosemary, thank you for your prayer of presence and praise.

11 months ago

Thank you Rosemary – I was in a different state of mind than you were, when I came to sit with you and God in this virtual prayer… I was heavily burdened with my children’s attitudes and what seems like selfishness on their part, but when you read the psalm and spoke of how wonderfully made we all are, it helped me to remember how precious and awesome the gift of my children are…. and how it is important that I focus on that rather than falling into retaliation, and frustration and angry words, which will help no one and… Read more »

11 months ago

Thanks Rosemary this was such an inspiring devotion & prayer