Christmas with Bruce Downes The Catholic Guy

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Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

A Blessed Christmas to you too. Thank you for that beautiful message. You will have to reveal now Bruce what you did get. Have a wonderful family day. Jeanette

sally clemens
Reply to  Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

Just lovely Peace Peace Peace Thanks for the lovely message. Every Blessings to you Bruce and Rosemary. The Christmas Masses I attended 6pm last night with my Mum then 9pm Mass at Santa Maria
and this morning again at 10 with Mum all so moving. Enjoy your Christmas day with the family and many blessings. You are truly wonderful couple. Sally

3 years ago

Thank you for your messages. Blessed Christmas Bruce and Rosemmary and to all those invloved in your ministry.God bless you all .

3 years ago

Dear Bruce, Rosemary and Team
Wishing you all the peace and joy of Christmas. God IS with US! Thank you for your witness and encouragement throughout 2020 and the way you tirelessly give of yourselves for the sake of the Gospel. May God be praised for His work on your lives and the lives of those you touch.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for this special and surprising message which I did no expect on Christmas Day! Thank you Rosemary and Bruce for praying for peace for us all and for us who are in difficult situations! Bruce can you now tell me what you did get for Rosemary and what you got too? My guess is that you didn’t get socks! It’s so nice to see the love you both have for each other! May the Lord continue to bless you both and your family as well as your spiritual family in the ministry. May the Lord’s… Read more »

Roberta Sawatsky
3 years ago

Thank you so much for teaching us ways to pray and grow in the especially difficult year.

Pride McMahon
3 years ago

Dearest Bruce and Rosemary hope you and your family had a happy and holy Christmas and that the New year brings God’s blessing on all of us once again thank you for all that you do

Sandie Murray
3 years ago

Very interested in what both of you received for Christmas! Be blessed with peace, abundant love and much laughter this coming New Year!

3 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful message two day slater Bruce and Rosemary. Always needed!