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2 years ago

Thank you that was beautiful. I”m not sure why but I am in tears. May God bless and keep our kids and grandkids in Hiis hands always.

2 years ago

Your grandchildren are beautiful Bruce and Rosemary. I took my autistic granddaughter to the movies the other day. She loved trolls. But I wanted to tell you about when she got into the car, I had my USB stick with my hymns playing. Come as you are was playing. Caitlyn has never heard it before but because I was singing it, she too started to sing. She has no comprehension of what it is, but her love of singing drew her in. Thank you and God Bless your beautiful grandchildren.

John T
2 years ago

That was a blessing Bruce, I only remember Fredie who used to come along to the impact gatherings as a toddler, so it’s nice to see him all grown up. Thank you for bringing your grandkids into the picture just as Jesus did.

2 years ago

I could not wipe the smile from my face even after todays episode was finished. Little children are so natural and heartwarming and give us hope. It is obvious your role as Pa is a cherished one.

2 years ago

That was so heart warming! Glory to God what a blessing! ❤????????????

2 years ago

Yòu said there would be a surprise today, I had to see what it was…and it was wonderful!
Thanks be to God ♡

Greg Brimble
Reply to  MaryD
2 years ago

God Bless ya Bruce what a beautiful family. I am all settled back in the Philippines with my three daughters and my wife Elizabeth. .

Lynn and Bill Craddick
2 years ago

Bruce you and Rosemary have beautiful grandkids!!

2 years ago

Hi Bruce, cute grandchildren. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Adam Buckley
2 years ago

Thank you, loved it

2 years ago

Well this just could not have been any cuter!! God bless your beautiful family.