Lord Show Me Favor - 11th November

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Rob Cresswell
25 days ago

Thank you for the Lord’s favour over us

25 days ago

Bruce Downes- “Best on Board!!”

25 days ago

Bruce, thank you for God’s favour.
my prayers are with you your family and Rosemary are in my prayers.

Susan Breiding
25 days ago

So timely for me. I have been shown favor several amazing times in the last couple of days and I have decided like you mentioned to journal the favor in my daily devotional. I know it was always there but I do not think i properly stop and acknowledge it. Thank You God for the favor of you and Rosemary. Chicago Here We Come!

Susan Dudek
Reply to  Susan Breiding
24 days ago

Susan, (Lovely name 😉). I truly pray we too will be able to see Bruce and Rosemary in Chicago!! If it is God’s will for me, I will be there! Safe travels, Susan Breiding!!
Bruce, may you be abundantly Blessed!! Safe travels!

Kathy higdon
25 days ago

Thank you Bruce for all you do to make us understand the true meanings

25 days ago

May God be with you and Rosemary as you travel and show you favour.

Patti Grandolfo
25 days ago

Thank you for your inspiring words,au God dhow favor upon you as you travel spreading his message. May he also show favor on all of us as we take this journey with you. God Bless us all🙏🙏

25 days ago

Nothing like His watchful eyes on all of US! Even those who don’t believe yet😉. Be very blessed for your every endeavor to serve Him!! 🕊

25 days ago

Welcome to the USA. Safe travels as you share your faith. Starting off my day with you makes me smile to be reminded of God’s love. God bless you and Rosemary and your team.

Kathy O’Connor
24 days ago

You and Rosemary are such a blessing to everyone. May you have God’s favor in every step you two take.

Maria Tina Cottrell
24 days ago

Thank you Bruce Downes for doing this daily devotional I look forward to watching everyday, I just recently started watching couple of months now and I have learned things I did not know about our Catholic faith by watching you I am making a small donation at one time for now I can’t afford very much but hopefully I can do better in the future thank you to you Rosemary and everyone that helps put this together so we can hear the beautiful scriptures and prayers that you and your team bring to us, I learned something new today I… Read more »

Cheryl Carrier
24 days ago

Praying for the meeting tonight in Atlanta. I was Planning to come there. But the hurricane in Florida disrupted my flight. Praying for all of you have an amazing favor of God to fall upon all of us. Those there in those who sit under your anointed ministry. I pray you will be able to reschedule to Orlando or West Palm Beach in Florida in the near future

24 days ago

We need you in Great Britain Bruce.

23 days ago

Thank you✝️🙏🏻❤️ looking forward to meeting you in Phoenix on 11/21