How to Live a Full Life - 21st November

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6 months ago

Bruce that is a good question to ask yourself every day

Alice Mc Kenna
6 months ago

I look.firwzrd to.listning to your daily devotional if has given be inner piece God bless you all Thank You

Christy Read
6 months ago


Gloria Young
6 months ago

Bless you Bruce for todays scriptures.

6 months ago

Growing in faith and wisdom by learning to ask, listen, then do. Thank you.

6 months ago

You are definitely a miracle. It doesn’t matter what thought is going through my mind, your daily devotional addresses it. Thank you

6 months ago

Thank you, Thank you, for your ministry!! Saw you and Rosemary this past Friday in Chicago

Kathy Higdon
6 months ago

Thank you Bruce. You bring peace to me everyday with Gods word!!!!

Frances Ohm
6 months ago

Thanks for prayers answered

6 months ago

These few minutes each day give me a quiet time with God. Thank you.

6 months ago

Veronica Dorado
6 months ago

It was wonderful to meet you in Chicago last Friday. Please pray for my marriage and family. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband however the choices of my stepdaughter are affecting our marriage and family. Please pray for her that one day she will come to know Jesus and accept Him as her Savior.