Believing When I Don't Understand - 6th February

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1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this very encouraging passage of Scripture that has been clarified as much as possible; of what we don’t understand why what seems to happen in the world, in our circumstances, in our own lives, in our relationships etc…BUT to CONTINUE TO TRUST IN GOD AND NOT WHAT WE SEE… And to take Mary’s great example of TREASURING ALL THESE THINGS IN HER HEART. This I shall do!!! May the Lord keep blessing and inspiring you Bruce with these wonderful Daily Devotionals, Rosemary’s Heart Messages, as well as all who work for the Lord in the ministries,… Read more »

1 year ago

Believing when I don’t understand
This is hard sometimes.However you then simplify, Bruce using your experiences in your family life
Then I say to myself why couldn’t I see and understand this
Thank you Bruce for sharing God bless you your family and team🙏

Reply to  Judith
1 year ago

Our whole Christian Lives are a walk of Faith. Believing when we don’t understand. Who understands this concept of the TRINITY? Mystery. A HOLY Mystery. The Holy Spirit through the ages has revealed more and more of the things of God. Ask The Holy Spirit to reveal himself and his truths more to you. It will take you a lifetime and more, for we are the creation, He is the Creator. Thank you for your honest sharing- it encourages us to know that others find it hard too. Gods Blessings to you Rosemary

1 year ago

Your prayers are always enriching and draws me deeper into my Faith, I am grateful for your prayers. Thank you.

I was one of five children. We panicked one afternoon when we could not find my younger brother. He was fast asleep and had stretched out on the two chair seats under the table in our dining room. What a relief for all of us to find him!

1 year ago

Looking forward to another season of Lent with you and your team… I let everyone I know of the amazing way you make things crystal clear and so attainable! Be very blessed… you, your team and the precious Priest that gave to you… what you can now give to others!! Now that’s LOVE!!!