How to See?

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John T
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce for this beautiful message, I can truly say that you made a few points that I can relate to, like this morning before I watched your talks I was making a daily talk with God and yes, I was struggling to find words, but after listening to your message my heart jumped and I became more alive. Like you mentioned prayer can be just a quite time without a spoken word, and our faith growth isn’t something that is instant it takes time to mature, perseverance and total commitment is the answer. God’s Blessings, looking forward to catching… Read more »

3 years ago

In other areas of my life – and I believe also in my relationship with God – sometimes there’s a time lag between a decision and the outcome of the decision becoming a reality. In that time lag period, I think the habit of turning up coupled with reiterating and reinforcing the decision helps it become reality.