How to Pray Personally

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10 days ago

Thank you Bruce

Reply to  marie
10 days ago

The extra were so educative, normally I use the note book to write down my requests and prayers when I am fasting but not for daily prayers. Thank you for the highlighting of writing my prayers every day. Because it’s true when I pray sometimes I start thinking of the issue at hand and get sidetracked.

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Lilian
7 days ago

I need all the help with keeping focused and writing them down helps and also I can look back at important times in my life and see my prayers and what I felt God was saying to me at the time.

Reply to  marie
2 days ago

Thank you Bruce you have given me a lot to think about and to pray about

Carolyn St. Clair
10 days ago

I made notes and intend to use this as a guide in my prayer time during lent and hopefully beyond. Thank you!

jo bryant
10 days ago

Thank you Bruce, God Bless You

10 days ago

Thank you Mr. Downes, the extra were very helpful

10 days ago

In my heart, I think you are a teacher. I love all your mnemonic devices you use to help with examination of conscience and personal prayer. I’m going to try and use both. Thanks, Bruce!

10 days ago

Thank You Bruce, these videos have been what I have needed. I am excited and open to be the person God has been calling me to be. Ready to put what I am learning into action. God bless you all. 🙏🏼

Eily Bates
9 days ago

I loved this inspirational talk. Thank you.

9 days ago

Thank you so much Bruce this is been an amazing journey so far. I would like a special prayer for my son who is struggling with religion in his life at this time hoping that God will show him the way that is pleasing to God and not anyone else or the world.
Thank again so much and God bless

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Fernanda
7 days ago

Standing with you in prayer today Fernanda, that you will trust God in drawing your son to Him as He has a plan for your son and loves him even more than you do!

Marisela R Guerrero
5 days ago

Thank you!

Yavitrie Adhar
4 days ago

Thank you for everything the extras are great educational tool very simple to follow through God bless your ministry and God bless you Bruce 🙏

3 days ago

Thank you Bruce! I’m really enjoying this Lenten journey with you.

Miriam Brousseau
3 days ago

Thank you and God bless you

Jean Merron
6 hours ago

I don’t have a problem with personal prayer I just sit in my chair each night and talk to God about the days events life a would do with a friend I dot ask for things only that certain people will get better and I end up thanking him