How We See Ourselves - 15th August

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1 month ago

A wonderful explanation! Thank you

Denise Hall
1 month ago

Lord, grant me the grace & help me to see & love myself & others as You see & love us… thanks & praise .. Amen

Reply to  Denise Hall
1 month ago

I join you!!👍

1 month ago

Excellent Devotional, Bruce. It is very difficult to look at ourselves and see the same sins that we are so judgmental about in others.

Reply to  Donna
1 month ago

The closer we are to Him the more we can see that need! We are ever so blessed!

Cathy Bartock
1 month ago

Thank you, Bruce for this message so timely for me. I have been struggling with being judgmental, and this message is so perfect for me in my life right now. I prayed this morning that the Holy Spirit will help to guide me, and along comes the Daily Devotional! I could feel God tell me “Listen! Here is a message from Me”!!! Prayers for you and your wonderful team and family, may God bless us for many years of speaking through you!

mark shoffner
1 month ago

I have generally gotten to the point, I let them know what scripture says and let them go on from there. Because I find myself seeking forgiveness quite often.

Ursel Mihelcic
1 month ago

Thank you