I Will Be Faithful - 15th September

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11 days ago

Thank you and Hod bless!

Donna Redfearn
11 days ago

Very pertinent atm Thanku

11 days ago

Your encouragement today Bruce was very Impactful. Thank you.

Maureen Green
11 days ago

Thank you so much Bruce for all the encouragement you give us. I have been begging God to save at least one of my children and grand children. Everytime I try to do something myself I seem to make things worse. I think I will leave it to Him. I will not give up. I do contribute to your ministry whenever I can and wish it could be more. I am sure Jesus will see you through this difficult time. God bless.

Elizabeth Snell
10 days ago

Thank you for sharing your experiences

Patricia Holmes
10 days ago

Thank you, God bless, and I’m still praying for the success of your mission

Isabel. Jimenez
10 days ago

Amen 🙏

10 days ago

So thankful to be a small part financially and pray for Gods best in your every endeavor to serve Him

10 days ago

Bruce, today your message quietly increased my faith and confidence in our God and saviour. I look to God, be blessed and thank you.

Brian Sellner
10 days ago

Bruce you have really helped me in my relationship with God,and my sons.

10 days ago

Your message today gave me so much encouragement. I have been going through a very difficult time with my son going through a divorce. I just have to deepen my faith knowing God will take care of everything in his timing. Thank you for the beautiful message and please pray for my son and myself. Thank you

9 days ago

Hi Bruce

What a beautiful message and great encouragement for all of us!
I love the scripture you quoted in Habakkuk; it applies to all Christians.
I went through many difficulties in life where all things were falling apart; but in the mist of the storm with God’s grace I refused to give up. As you said “our faith is in Him”- He is our solid foundation.
Thank you for delivering this inspired Godly message to us.