The Power of the Holy Spirit Within Us - 17th June

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1 year ago

Thank you for your information

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce. May the Divine bless you always with the Divine’s abundant love, joy and peace.

Judy Nelson
1 year ago

How do I help my family to find the Holy Spirit

1 year ago

So greatful for You Bruce ❤️Rosemary is doing better ❤️God ❤️ Bless 😊.

1 year ago

Bruce, your messages have truly blessed me during these tough times. THANK YOU

1 year ago

“Thank you Father for your watchful eyes on this precious family as they seek to make people more aware of the Blessed Trinity and the awesome part You have in the lives of others! Bless them! Thank you for doctors and staff who brought Rosemary through this ordeal and the amazing way You made the body to heal! Amen

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this great message about the Holy Spirit residing in us and interceding on our behalf in sighs too deep for words!!! I am sorry that this is the last message concerning The Power of the Holy Spirit! I will be searching to see if Rosemary’s response to my registering is in my email. If not I will try again tonight! May the Lord keep blessing you Bruce, Rosemary and I’m not surprised that she is doing well! Thank You Lord!!! And for all who do such an amazing work in the ministries for the Lord and… Read more »

Olive Matura
1 year ago

Thank you so much and I am happy that your wife is feeling better.

1 year ago

i have been blessed with a deeper realization that the Holy Spirit knows me so deeply and cares for me and so much that he prays for me. I am humbled wirh the thought that he groans on my behalf.
I am not alone …i am blessed

Jo Ann
1 year ago

I’ve been listening to you, Bruce since Lent of 2021. I’ve grown spiritually. I would be the person that states, “I really enjoyed your message” but today I will try to share more of me. I have always had faith when I could not understand but the last couple of days I am knowing the Holy Spirit more. I’ve touched the surface. My awareness is this: instead of the Holy Spirit being a part of God I now know that the Holy Spirit IS God, Difficult to explain but I now speak the the Holy Spirit as Holy Spirit God.… Read more »

Reply to  Jo Ann
1 year ago

Your words have just enlightened me Jo Ann! For too long I’ve struggled to connect with the Holy Spirit but as you say, He IS God! He is God’s Spirit who reveals to us the will of God for us. I too struggle with this concept but I need stop trying to make sense of what I don’t fully understand and have the faith to ACCEPT and BELIEVE that He is present in my life.

1 year ago

I thank God for finding you and your ministries last year, I have been following you since then, I’ve learned and grew in my believe, you have brought be back to my Father which I will deeply be grateful forever, I am Catholic but haven’t been to church in a long time, but maybe one day I will find my way back there also.
May the Spirit be with you and your ministries!

1 year ago

Bruce thank you once again for what you do. Those words “The Holy Spirit prays within me, according to God will”, were so comforting to me. When I’m fumbling with the right words to say to God on difficult days, I can now have the comfort of knowing that the Holy Spirit is praying within me according to God’s will. God is so good, so amazing. I feel so Blessed that God has given me my faith and someone like to help me grow closer and closer my relationship with Him. May God Bless and watch over you and Rosemary… Read more »

Cheryl O'Grady
1 year ago

Bruce, I was pondering on the msg you gave about “rivers of living water” flowing to others as we are filled with the Holy Spirit . It made me think about Peter and John in Acts 3, as they met with the lame man. What a lovely healing for this man as the fullness of Gods healing power was released through Peter and John .. Love this story!! Thankyou Bruce. Great msgs.

1 year ago

Asked Holy Spirit last night..what you spoke about last night..HS does supernatural in a natural world…I have trouble walking this past year..this morning walked like a normal person from bedroom to living room. Amazed and grateful
thank you for your teaching!

Theresa Tate
1 year ago

I am so happy that I have learned more about the Holy Spirit & how much we need to accept Him in our hearts. He has helped me to have more faith, & not to to worry so much about my kids & family of those who are separated from God & the church. I know to pray from my heart & ask the Holy spirit to intercede, & because of my faith I know that they will come back to God. Thank you Bruce for your wonderful ministry.

1 year ago

My heart and mind has been opened up by the Holy Spirit through your message. To accept and believe that the Holy Spirit IS, and has always been at work in my life has been unveiled.
It reminds me of a line from the movie The Wizard of Oz, “you’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself,” with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

1 year ago