Reflection Takes Us Deeper - Matthew 15:32-39

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Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

Another very meaningful reflection Bruce. It is so good to start my day listening to you and God coming closer to me through you. Yes please I want to be part of your Bible Study so please put me on your list. I am so grateful that God has brought Rosemary, you and your team into my life. God Bless each and everyone of you. Have a great day.

Cheryl O'Grady
3 years ago

Thankyou Bruce for another msg with great instruction. This will be “food” to reflect upon today. So appreciated. Blessings to you.

Alice Augusto
3 years ago

Hi Bruce, it’s a wonderful idea to have a series of classes on how we could read and study the Bible to get more out of it. When are you thinking of starting it? Please include me in your distribution list for the Bible study. Thank you very much! God Bless you, Rosemary and your great and devoted team.
Kind regards, Alice

3 years ago

Father God continue to bless Brother Bruce,his family and staff with grace,favor and unlimited blessings.In Jesus name.Amen

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce I will starting from today, jot down all the things God has done in my past, to REMIND myself that what He had helped me with back then HE IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF HELPING ME NOW! Yes count me in for the next series!

Deanna Francke
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for an invigorating start to my day & week. Yes it is very easy to forget what God has done for us in the past, I am also going through trying times at present & there is nothing better than to look back & see how we have been brought to keep that light of hope burning in our lives.
May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team with abundant resources to keep you doing what you are doing so well.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your daily messages, please would you put me on your list for Bible study.

Rosie Imbert
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your continued support and prayers n may God continue to bless you all ????