Glorious Mysteries - Wednesday

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Raymond Hoare
3 years ago

Thank you, I live in North Wales & I look forward to sharing the rosary with you.
My son lives in Sydney N S W with his partner & 4 children.


Raymond Hoare
Reply to  Raymond Hoare
3 years ago

Perhaps another day ok & thanks

3 years ago

Thank you Sandra for praying the Holy Rosary of the Glorious Mysteries today with us, the praying family and with me tonight! Thank you for finishing the Holy Rosary with a special prayer to the Holy Spirit as we sure do need His help around the world and in our lives,within us too! Yes Sandra we are already six months into this year! Which reminds me to check the plan I began at the beginning of the year and see what needs changing! And what needs keeping and what needs more work and prayers.I will also pray especially for those… Read more »

3 years ago

Just a comment ,love saying the rosary with all of you.but
at times I find the music to loud for the soft voices.