Sorrowful Mysteries - Tuesday

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Prisca Malembeka
1 year ago

Lord have mercy on us sinners for sending your son to die for us on the cross

Prisca Malembeka
Reply to  Prisca Malembeka
1 year ago

Lent time to reflect from bad doing forgiveness, mercy and God give us Grace

1 year ago

Thank you both and bless them both please Lord God!!! Thank You Lord God that You hear our prayers and intervene in our life, for those we have on our hearts to pray for and for that of the world. Thank You Loving God that we can truly TRUST in Your Great Sovereign Care for us all. Thank You Loving Father God for sending Your Only Son to save us from eternal death, the only way possible…Thank You Lord Jesus that You obeyed our Loving Father God’s Will, by sacrificing Your own life as the Lamb of God, who came… Read more »