How to Access God’s Healing Power

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5 days ago

Thanks for this powerful message, Bruce. So many people I know need healing in their lives. I don’t have the words to express what I feel right now. God bless you and keep you safe and well.

5 days ago

True master class

5 days ago

Very Shy about going public.
However after today’s weekly which had me in tears for the first 30mins I will.
Good on you Bruce , Truly Amazing Grace.

5 days ago

This is a powerful message! Thank you for the healing prayer you spoke over us! I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ!! My husband received healing and was baptized because of the healing he experienced! I am so grateful for his healing because I know he is now with the Lord, waiting for me to join him in God’s time.

5 days ago

Bruce , I am praying for your son and daughter in law , that God will bring them through whatever they are going through right now 🙏🏻
thank you for this beautiful weekly message

5 days ago

Such a strong important message today Bruce. Thank you so much. We all need healing of some sort. God Bless you abundantly always. I believe Jesus, help my unbelief. Amen Fiat.

5 days ago

Thank You 🙏 ✨ Bruce&Rosemary and Team .

4 days ago

Thank you, Bruce, for your inspirational words. I have been following you for a while and you have helped me work thru some things I’ve dealt with for many years. I have finally let God forgive me for something from years ago and moved forward. Todays message shadowed my childhood because I never felt worth growing up. My father used to tell me I was only going to grow up and have babies so no college for me. He had money for my brothers to go but they all were high school dropouts and multiple failed marriages. I educated myself,… Read more »

4 days ago

Bruce, Praise and Glory be to God for His healing power that restores and repairs us to bring us deeper into his love through faith. I’ve experienced emotional healing through the strength and courage given me through my trust and faith in God. My husband received physical healing recently for an undiagnosable illness that disrupted many of his organs. He is left with some scars that remind us both that God was, is and will always be with us. My husband didn’t die, he is alive to continue this journey of increasing our faith. This was an unforgettable message. Profound… Read more »

Cathy Bartock
4 days ago

I have cried through almost the entire message today! What a powerful and may I say LIFE CHANGING message I feel has come straight from the Lord Himself! From the day of your birth, God obviously Had a plan for you, and I thank Him that you were able to hear Him, we are all blessed because of this. May God bless you and your loved ones, and special prayers for your son and family! I am setting my phone alarm right now!!!

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4 days ago

This is just what I needed to hear in my own circumstances and reaffirm my faith in Jesus and trust in God’s will more deeply. Thank you Bruce.

4 days ago

Powerful and heartfelt. Wow. Thank you Bruce .

Shirley Jenner
3 days ago

So moving, I cried all the way. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy O'Connor
3 days ago

Thank you Bruce that you allow God to work through you in such a powerful way. Your humility and honesty is a blessing. Thank you for your obedience to God.

3 days ago

What a powerful word that you spread today! May God watch over you and your family

3 days ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing. I am blessed by God every day that I hear the messages that are sent by God through you. Sometimes i listen several times to absorb it all deeply. Many are blessed Bruce

3 days ago

Thank you Bruce. Such a powerful message. God bless you and your family

Manon Leblanc
3 days ago

This was so strong, Thank you, I pray for you and your family.

2 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your message on healing and sharing how your cleft lip affected your life. I have two beautiful grandchildren born with craniosynostosis, cleft palate and cleft lips. I am so thankful for their surgery, and now their dental work. They are lovely girls, but I worry for their future.
Thank you for sharing your story how Jesus was able to heal your brokenness. Bless you.

1 day ago

Bruce thank you!!! For such a powerful message, truly Holy Spirit inspired and power filled healing prayer for us to our Lord, Great Healer Jesus Christ!!! I have a real desire to hear this message again Bruce, despite jotting down those important words spoken!!! I continue to pray that our Loving God keeps blessing, providing and protecting the ministries and all who work for the Lord in them, you Bruce, Rosemary and all of your families as well, including your son’s wife, in abundance. May His Perfect, Wonderful Will and His healing grace be done in all of your lives… Read more »