New Year, New Beginnings

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Geraldine Smith
25 days ago

Great wise words to start a new year Bruce..thankyou

25 days ago

Wonderful words of hope I needed to hear to confirm this New Year can be my new beginning, thanks be to God.

Patricia Smith
25 days ago

Good Day. Thank you for sharing this inspiring message with us. 🙏🙏

25 days ago

Thank you Bruce for Starting Strong 2023 with this important Weekly Message I needed to hear!!! Yes I do need to do my best and do differently if I want to see results within, and those I may influence for the Lord’s Kingdom, and not for my own interest!!! May the Lord keep blessing and inspiring you Bruce with these great messages we are hearing and Rosemary, as well as all who work for the Lord in the ministries!!! PS I have just ordered another Start Strong book Bruce to give to someone who could really benefit spiritually and in… Read more »

25 days ago

Thank you Bruce for guiding me to new beginnings. Happy New Year!

25 days ago

So glad to start the year with you Bruce. You have helped me in my faith and look forward to continuing with you

25 days ago

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉Blessings to you all. 🥰

Cathy Bartock
25 days ago

Just amazing! May this be the best year ever for us all!!!!

jeff morris
25 days ago

I grew a lot last year and I didn’t want it…..but God did. Now I still don’t want this task But God does…..and so I go. Running this race to win. I relate Bruce……great 2023 start prayer……..thx

23 days ago

Thank you for this inspiring message to start the new year.

23 days ago

Thank you for inspiring message to start the new year!

Shirley Jenner
22 days ago

You spoke right into my gnarled and broken heart 💔

Tricia Johnston
20 days ago

Thankyou for offering words of encouragement for a great start to 2023

Yvette Pingel
19 days ago

I’m so glad I found these beautiful talks and am incredibly inspired to be my best in the new year. Thank you

Jean Merron
19 days ago

Well i could not stand failing after all thst hard work. I was looking fireward to this year last july my hubby died im still greiveng i asked god to take me to . But yhen i had to have t cancer screening test bith came back positive so now monday i go hosp see what they can do i now feel selfish fir wanting to die because i have a dog that relies in me pleaae god now let me live for my dog plesse pray for me Bruce

Nancy Baird
18 days ago

Thank you for your messages of Faith, Hope & Love. I am looking forward to 2023. I am struggling a bit with so many days of no sunshine and warmth, mother’s recent death, son’s death in 2011, and stresses of family and life. I know there are better days ahead and this to will past. Thanks for giving us and explaining the words of the Bible.


Mary Lynn
14 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your daily devotionals. They have blessed me, and caused a deeper relationship with my Lord.
You, and Rosemary, are indeed a blessing. I thank God daily for discovering your ministry.
Mary Lynn