Radical Releasing

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10 months ago

Thanks Bruce, Your clarity on “Worship” makes so much sense!

10 months ago

Thank you, Bruce. A great lesson.

Margaret Clough
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce & Rosemary for your ongoing Christian Witness to encourage & support us all on our life long journeys sharing Christ’s Saving Grace!

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for such a powerful Weekly Message!!! What I definitely needed to hear!!! I will be praying, remembering those words that I need to put into practice, in order to be an impactor for my family, friends, neighbours and those who are in most need, vulnerable and weak!!! May the Lord keep blessing, providing and protecting these very helpful and special ministries, you Bruce, Rosemary and all who work for the Lord in these ministries, along with all your families!!! PS Bricks are flying your way Bruce for the Faith Building! It will be soon my Birthday and… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Valerie
10 months ago

Shines a bright light on …”Christ in you the hope of Glory!” Help each one of us Father to bring Glory that your Son is due!

Cathy Bartock
10 months ago

Today’s message will be life-changing to me! So powerful, I feel you were speaking directly to me. I heard God’s voice today – I thank Him for leading me to this ministry! Bless you and all connected to this ministry!!!

10 months ago

How I enjoy Rosemary’s insight. “God is up to something.”

10 months ago

Thank You Bruce. Please pray for me to let go all anger, bitterness and unforgiveness that I hold towards myself and others. Thank you. The daily devotions are very helpful to me.