The Holy Spirit Brings God's Love - 5th July

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11 months ago

Glad you had a successful trip! I loved hearing your explanations on how to pray. Sometimes we need reminders that we pray to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! We are so blessed to have you and Rosemary to share the love of God with us. Thank you!

11 months ago

Such great teaching. Bless you Bruce and Rosemary 🙏

Ursel Mihelcic
11 months ago

thank you Bruce Good to be back safe and thanks to Rosemary

Carol Christophers
11 months ago

It is great you are back safely. The devotion reminding us how to pray was so good. I am gaing more confidence in God’s love for me & for my family. I am so grateful for the teaching it has changed my life & given me hope. I thank Rosemary for her teaching particularly while you have been away. I have learnt so much from both of you. God bless you & your family from Carol

Sharron Dixon
11 months ago

Thank you for the teaching on the Trinity to help us understand

11 months ago

Thank you for asking me to pray for you on June 26th. It was an honor and I am looking forward to hearing how all went. In love, Mary (:

11 months ago

Thankyou Bruce and Rosemary for your wonderful ministry. Praise God that your recent trips have been successful. You have a great blessing to us all. 🙏🙏🙏

11 months ago

We pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell within us and guide us to the father.
Bruce, Rosemary and team you are indeed God’s gift to all of us. 🙏

11 months ago

I can’t thank you enough for trusting His leading! Prayer is key to the beautiful life He has planned in advance for each of us! Thank you Jesus for through your obedience to the father, your death and resurrection you have given to us the privilege of calling God .. Father… breathtaking.. to be part of His family united and oneness and the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us to guide, direct and enable us in all things! We truly are lacking nothing🕊 So very excited to hear good news on how we can… Read more »

Pat Bertasso
11 months ago

Thank you Bruce, firstly welcome back Rosemary did a phenominal job in your absence, but it is truly great to have you back. Your clarification of the 3 i.e. The Father, son and Holy spirit has been welcomed by me and I am sure many more. I am glad that your trip has been successful, and I look forward to hearing of your experiences

11 months ago

Bruce, thank you for teaching us to pray, may your mission continue. I am so grateful for both you and Rosemary and I am blessed. God Bless!

11 months ago

Bruce : I really enjoyed listening the Rosemary Daily Devotionals. I am also so glad to have met you in Toronto on Jun. 24, 2023. I was truly blessed by both of you in these passed two weeks. May the Good Lord bless you both along with your team and look forward to seeing you again – along with Rosemary and the team. God Bless you all.

11 months ago

Anxious to know what happened in Phoenix and not being technology hip, I may not get to the correct site. Thank you for all that you, Rosemary and staff do.

mark shoffner
11 months ago

She should do her own so we can hear both of you.

11 months ago

Hi Bruce. glad that you are back, & that your trip was a success. Enjoyed listening to Rose Mary in your absence. She did wonderful job.Thanks for going into the 3 persons in one God, The Holy Trinity. In my elementary catholic school, we were taught about the trinity, & that there are 3 persons in one God, God the father, God the son, & God the Holy Spirit. We were taught that it is a mystery. that we don’t fully understand, but we are to believe in it. Thanks for going into & explaining it more clearly. I so… Read more »

Mary Jane
11 months ago

Why do you not follow the daily missal messages?

11 months ago

Thank You 🙏😊 Bruce&Rosemary and Team 🙏😊. For praying with Us .

John Collins
11 months ago

Hosemary’s devotions were Q wonderful blessing. last Sunday morning our grandaughter Sabine and 2 friends were in a cab in Ballarat Victoria.Australia. 3 times over limit drunk driver slammed at speed into the cab stationary at a red light. Boyfrien in front now discharged, Other frien has surgery to leg but Sabine taken by ambulance ro day to see a Pelvic Ortho surgeon Re severe injuries this Friday. God “ is not deaf” as Heaven is receiving many prayers for those injured incl car driver who was drunk, his family would be suffering. God can make a way.when there is… Read more »

Judy Obee
11 months ago

Thank you for the gifts you present in your daily devotionals. I would like to hear of your recent travels, especially of developments in Toronto area.

Shelby R. Sellers
11 months ago

I am so glad your trip was successful. Rosemary did an absolutely “bang up” job in your absence. Glad you have safely returned.

Shirley Jenner
11 months ago

So very glad you’re back