The Holy Spirit Convicts - 6th June

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1 year ago

Bruce your prayer filled me with the Holy Spirit. I so needed to fill God in my heart tonight amen

Barbara Naylor
1 year ago

What a beautiful thing to say about Rosemary, your beautiful wife❤️❤️

Ursel Mihelcic
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce

1 year ago

Thank you so much. So many things you say, resonate in and with me… I need your words of insight and wisdom right now. Your prayer was so meaningful,,, I could feel that the Holy Spirit was present as we were praying! I am needing the wisdom and courage and the leading right now… and the truth… I am not sure if I am co-dependent, and enabler for my son in some of his decisions or lack of decisions. I feel like I am trying to follow God’s teachings, but something has to change and he can’t seem to find… Read more »

Reply to  Bernadette
1 year ago

I will pray for you, Bernadette.I have been in that place.A scripture that has helped me many times is from James 1:5&6.
God is faithful to give you the wisdom. Trust Him.

1 year ago

Your prayer again is beautiful! Thank you for bringing the Holy Spirit to me in prayer. He is wanted in my life, welcome in my life and needed in my life.

Isabel. Jimenez
1 year ago

Amen 🙏

1 year ago

You were correct when you said the last few days have been heavy but so rewarding. Thank you for this. My heart is full of joy and bursting. The Holy Spirit is working. I want to stand on the roof tops and tell everyone what they are missing. Come Holy Spirit, upon me, upon my family, upon the earth. God Bless you Bruce and your family. 💕 🙏 🔥

1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce, talking about the Holy Spirit fills me with so much joy, sometimes in my house i feel this great peace, happiness and joy with the Holy spirit within me. I just start singing the first church song that comes into my mind. I also feel like grabbing people and try and make them feel just what I am feeling. It is so powerful. Bless you Bruce, Rosemary and Tea