Holy Spirit Be Released in Me - 30th May

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Donna Redfearn
3 months ago

Thanku , I have seen the Holy Spirit for some reason only known to the Holy Spirit. I am ordinary, I know I sound nuts but it’s true. My life is immersed in the will and direction of the Holy Spirit. Donna

Ursel Mihelcic
3 months ago


3 months ago

Thank you for this beautiful message!

3 months ago

Lord, thy will be done. Amen

3 months ago

Amen, Amen and Amen

3 months ago

When do you have music? I’ve heard it before, very spiritual and familiar.

3 months ago

Making people aware of this Most Precious gift is vitally important to be able to live out the beautiful plans for each individual life!

3 months ago

I have never made a comment before, but today I was moved….
Thank you 🙏you helped me to go deeper with the Holy Spirit .
I need the Holy Spirit . Many blessings to you and your family .

stella wottawa
3 months ago

Bruce: I absolutely cherish your discussions. I look forward to hearing you each and every day. May I ask you to please pray for our country AMERICA for I fear we are going down the wrong path and GOD is the only one that can save us. I do believe you are very very spiritual and he may listen to you more so than me. Thank you very much.

Isabel. Jimenez
3 months ago

Amen 🙏

Jill Mitchell
3 months ago

Devotional dt. 30th May. Holy Spirit infilling beautifully explained.
God Bless Bruce and thank you

Mike Cook
3 months ago

Bruce I would like to share something that happened to me. Three years ago on Easter Sunday at church. While the priest was blessing the church with holy water. The holy water hit me and I felt what can only be describe as the Holy Spirit entering my body. I have never felt such joy, love it’s hard to describe the feeling that I had. Was wonderful. This truly changed my live for ever. I wish I could say more but I am not a very good writer. All I can tell you is that God and the Holy Spirit… Read more »

3 months ago

Player for my family also Similani on Hospital

3 months ago

Bless you Bruce and team

Deb Putman
3 months ago

I look forward to your daily devotionals every day. Shortly after listening to this morning’s devotional, I heard You Know My Name by Tashe Cobbs Leonard. Every time I hear the song, I’m amazed that as great as God is, to contemplate as much as I can about how great He is, and even though I know He created me and knows all my thoughts and actions, He knows me by name. It makes me feel that there is significance to my life. Thank you for inspiring the fact that the Holy Spirit is inside of us all and knows… Read more »

Margaret Thomson
2 months ago

Thank you Bruce. Before I listened to this today a friend reminded me to use my gift of tongues and pray in every situation. I found myself having that opportunity to pray in tongues and sing praises as I drove the 45 minutes to town and 45 minutes back. My joy level increased immensely and I saw things that normally would have irritated me didn’t and I was led somewhere to shop and found favour and deals. So your talk just confirmed the importance of the Holy Spirit and his gift of tongues which strengthened me and blessed me in… Read more »