5 May - Sympathy

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2 years ago

Very nice thankyou

2 years ago

I also understand from today’s scripture: When Mary lays a problem before Jesus, Jesus doesn’t ignore or say no to His mother.

Give $ when I can, am involved in parish. Would love to do more.

Lisa Dreyer
2 years ago

Thank you,

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message reminding me that sympathy is not just a feeling! But as we see by Mary’s example, involvement, placing the need before God in prayer, and if called to ACT. What came up in my mind besides this very special Ministry, is the detrimental effects of covid 19 around the world and especially India!!! You have got me thinking it isn’t enough to say to myself ” Poor things and feel sympathy!” What about storming Heaven with my prayers and ” listen to and do what He says” ?!!! As Mary told the servants to… Read more »

Joanne C Palombo
Reply to  Valerie Simms
2 years ago

beautifully said thank you

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago


2 years ago

You have given me a further incentive of my Spiritual Giving. I have bee retired from teaching for nine years. I care for my husband and find ir difficult to volunteer on a specified day, time. Just recently I offered my services as a Catechist in state schools. I offered just as a teacher’s helper but have taught a class on my own almost every week. My love of teaching and students flooded back to me came back to me and every time I teach a lesson I come back home with a heart full of joy and the memory… Read more »

Ginny Williams
2 years ago

I want to make a donation but it will not let me complete my transaction.

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Blessings to you and your ministry Bruce, continued prayers for others to hear your voice and spreading The Good News about Jesus everywhere. ????✝️????????????????

Edwin Albert Pope
2 years ago

Bruce, I get so much from your teachings, not some of the teachings (theology) we all suffer sometimes but taught in a practical way. We could easily say Jesus also taught in a practical way; of course, He was much more than a teacher. And Mary, his mother asking her son is what we all need to do. I was in one Church a few years ago and they had this saying, W.W.J.D. “What would Jesus do?” When we discuss issues I rarely hear anyone say, “Let’s pray and ask Jesus”. As for the Holy Spirit, He gets no recognition… Read more »

2 years ago

I began listening during lent. I have been a believer for a very long time but fell into a slump. I decided to do lent for the first time and never having done it I wanted to know what it was all about. That is where I found your ministry. I have been so blessed and so I would like to help in a small way to help you bless others.

Carla Villafana
2 years ago

Thank you. Sometimes we turn away when we think we hear a call to help. For me it is often fear that holds me back or a feeling of apprehension that I am not rich enough or good/able enough. But times like this I pray. I have been moved to help at times I did not really expect to.

Jones Ruth
2 years ago

God Bless, and thank you Bruce.

Robert Cardona
2 years ago

Are giving to Bruce Downs Catholic Ministries from Americans tax deductablle?

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Robert Cardona
2 years ago

Hi Robert, our ministry has 501(c)(3) status so giving is tax-deductible in the US. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected] if I can help you further. Sandra/BDC Ministry

2 years ago

Hi Bruce would love to be on the special program with Rosemary. I’m having trouble connecting to the program. Not sure how to connect. Thank you for your daily scriptures from God. ????????

Emma McGinniss
Reply to  Christine
2 years ago

Hi Christine, I have sent you an email with all the information you’ll need for A Time with Rosemary.
Emma – BDC Ministry

Janine Bissonette
2 years ago

This Ministry of really helping me. Thank you!!