December 30th - Face Your Shortcomings - EXTENDED VERSION

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Antoinette Zammit
1 year ago

Thank you Rosemary and may God bless you Bruce and all your family in the new year.

Teresa Harriss
1 year ago

Thank you for your lovely insights. I am really enjoying your talks. God bless you and your family. Teresa

1 year ago

After that!!! How could anyone have a bad day???? Be very blessed your message is intoxicating!

Helene Williamson
1 year ago

Rosemary: Thank you so much for your teachings this week. I have been totally captivated and and motivated to make the examine a daily and weekly part of my life. God bless you and Bruce for helping me have a stronger relationship with the Lord. God bless all of you and your family and team and all the best for 2022. God Bless You All.