December 27th - Ask God for Light - EXTENDED VERSION

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Christine Dobson
1 year ago

Thank you Rosemary for being in my prayer today, feeling your happiness in faith helps me tremendously. God Bless you and God Bless Bruce. You have both given me messages to help me in my prayers with the Holy Spirit through my love for Jesus Christ.

1 year ago

Thank you Rosemary for this message and especially taking from St Ignatius Loyola’s exercises as our example! I have a book that is all about St Ignatius Loyola’s Exercises, given to me by a Jesuit Priest. He recommended however to not do the exercises in the book without seeing a Priest for the whole time! So I NEVER got around to it!!! I have listened to the short version and had a peep in the longer version. I find both are worth listening to Rosemary! But the extended version I will have to make extra time for it. I will… Read more »