THE WEEKLY | How To Increase My Faith

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1 month ago

Thank you all so much.

Raffaella Librandi
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce for inspiring us to live a blessed life by hearing the word of God and living it.

1 month ago

Very powerful Bruce! God listens we just need to ask thank you and all the impacters!

1 month ago

What an amazing message…thanks Bruce

Kathy O'Connor
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce

Theresa Tate
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce for your message today. It helps me understand better how to listen to God when He is talking to me. Like you said, we probably think it is our thoughts, not realizing that it is God. You & RoseMarie have a great week coming!

1 month ago

Thank you for your daily words through lent. Very inspiring.

Maria Tina
1 month ago

Love listening to you Bruce, because of you I’ve been so much closer to God and have learned so many things I didn’t know about the catholic faith! Thank you for doing what you do! May God bless you!