Reducing God to Our Level

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John T
8 months ago

That was such a powerful message Bruce, in fact words can’t express what I truly felt by the whole message, but in particular when you declarerd your list of praise and his power and glory, I truly felt something happening inside of me, more so than I’ve felt before.
Thank you

Barbara Naylor
8 months ago

Always fantastic teaching about God, and the Holy Spirit, thank you.
I’ve shared your side with others and hope they joined your teaching as well

Barbara Naylor
30 days ago

Thank you Bruce this message was absolutely amazing, because I think we all know that the tongue is like a double edge sword or can be.
All your messages are speaking to probably all of us as long as we are open and honest with ourselves.
I’m not a Catholic but I love Jesus so all you teach is fantastic, I enjoy it every day, thank you so much ????????????