The Spirit Leads Us - 12th July

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Jo micallef
2 months ago

God bless you Bruce and THANK YOU.


2 months ago

Thank you for all that you do!

2 months ago

Dear Bruce thank you I watched all of your travels in Phoenix told with reverence sincerity and trust in the Spirit.My work as a Presentation sister is with house bound and nursing home ,your words gave me strength to step out and not only with these beautiful people but also with their families.Thank you and your team a power house of prayer.

2 months ago

Why not send to your email list instead of telling people to go there? If they want to listen they can listen?
I’ve had surgery and sometimes I can’t get your program

Isabel. Jimenez
2 months ago

Amen 🙏

2 months ago

To trust in Jesus and to be led by the Holy Spirit is stepping into the amazing plans that await for those who want the best God has planned for each of… bringing the divine connection that pleases God and prayer is the key to bring unity and grow the Kingdom family, so needed in this troubled world! The Church growing in confidence in all God, Our Father provided through Jesus THIS is the only answer.. 🙏

2 months ago

A powerful message filled with truth. THANK YOU.

2 months ago

I am not able to get can you send it so we can see it.

Linda Wilkins
2 months ago

I was feeling hopeless and helpless for Jerry, a friend of my son who is facing terminal liver and bile duct cancer. He has been reduced to a fragment of the man he used to be and is boldly facing death.

In your daily message last week you mentioned that we think of things in terms of being possible or impossible. There are no boundaries or limitations for God. That really stuck with me as I continue to pray for Jerry.

As usual, your message was perfectly timed as I face my unanswered prayers.

Linda Wilkins
Reply to  Linda Wilkins
2 months ago

By the way , It was a Sunday message.

2 months ago

This hit home for me as I recently decided to submit my name for a seat on the pastoral council in my Parish and was one of 3 people elected by our congregation. A great example of not knowing what lies ahead but I am open to whatever awaits!