Advent 2020 - Day 17

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Cristina Leira
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for all the richness that you shared with us. Surely Jesus is coming to stay with us this Christmas, to helping us to change our ways. All my love, to you and your family for helping me in the growing of my faith that is going to enjoy a very different Christmas Celebration

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Cristina Leira
2 years ago

Hello Christina
I pray you have a blessed Christmas with your family and know God’s presence with you.
God bless

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message concerning the change in the heart of Zacchaeus, the tax collector and the most relevant, timely message it has for Advent for me. Today I did go back to look at the past video,of praying the Word Prayer and found this centuries old prayer method wonderful! I will go and find out if this video is either Day 14 or 15! Bruce this isn’t the last message from this Advent series is it? I HOPE NOT! There are still eight days till Christmas!!! Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and all the members of this very… Read more »

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce a beautiful advent journey filled with Gods presence and through you leading us to greater love and trust in finding the message of Christ.Come to me Lord Jesus.

Marina F
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for a wonderful message. God bless you.

Helen Pederson
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the Prayer Videos they are amazing and so powerful. So looking forward to the weekend ones. Blessings