23rd August - The Power of Abiding in God

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Leonie Cornell
2 years ago

I need to hear this today. I do not really think God has abandoned me , at least not yet. But I do feel overcome, overwhelmed, worried about what further pathology test results will bring. But I know that God abides in me, and He may be pruning me, but I really need that attention and pruning. I am okay, really, but I have to decide that every day at the moment. especially with lockdowns extending now past 9 weeks and maybe only for 5 more, but most of us expect longer. I have heard about the metaphor of the… Read more »

2 years ago

Lord, You are Holy, I praise and glorify You. Help me to be the person You called me to be and also help all my family to be the people they are meant to be. I make this prayer in Your Name, Jesus. Amen.

2 years ago

Please pray for Ryan,Candice and Family 🙏 Ryan was in a horrific car accident and was badly injured. 🙏🙏

Elizabeth Mallett
2 years ago

I repeat what you said to say to God, is that here I am God, you know what is good for me. God Bless.

2 years ago


Maureen Green
2 years ago

Please pray for Kathy. Tomorrow she will have a third operation on her back. This will be the final attempt to lessen the pain in her spine which was damaged in a car accident a few years ago.

2 years ago

Pray for my Mother Desiree and brother Jade, that God meets them at the point of their every need and deepest hurt. Amen

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce, your message is helping me to cope with life as it is now, so lonely, but God knows and is with me. Three of my friends have died recently, and I feel like I have no friends now with this lockdown

Judith Kay Christy
2 years ago

Lord God I pray for the people in Afghanistan also Shane Eva Fran John Arthur myself in Jesus name

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful prayer. Blessed Monday!

Yavitrie Adhar
2 years ago

Please pray for Yavitrie, Soney, Rennard, Joshua, Brianna, Japheth, Samantha, Robin Emma, Mia, Indira, Suzanne, Elijah, Ashton, Analisa, Satesh, Shivani, Vishnu in Jesus mighty name 🙏. Thanks to everyone especially Bruce who is in prayer for us. God’s grace and mercy upon all

2 years ago


Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank you and God bless you all at your ministry.

2 years ago

Please pray for Sandy, Bob, Michael, Linda and Junior.
They need healing – please help them Lord.
Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for all that you do!

2 years ago

Thank you so much Bruce!!! I needed to hear this message!!! Your message is really confirming to me that I need to Abide in the Lord and the Lord in me!!! Today while on the bus and going to the physio I took out a little Italian booklet entitled The Gospel of John. I opened up to the page, subtitled L’ Amicizia, which means Friendship. The scripture passage I read is John 15: 1- 17!!! After I read the scripture passage, I then read the interpretation from Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of Terni- Narni-Amilia where my Dad came from! He also… Read more »

2 years ago

Don Bob Steve Abby Joe Barbie Michael Evan

Joyce Pope
2 years ago

Grammy J – Fiona, Duncan

Jones Ruth
2 years ago

GOD Always answers our prayers, some times just not in the way we expect. GOD BLESS you Bruce and your family and your work family.

Jean Merron
2 years ago

God does answer our prayers not always in the way we want them for us but the way that is better for the person you are praying for. I woukd tater talk to God rather than say a set prayer i find this better but if you do not know how to pray then set prayers are ways to help you

2 years ago

please Prayers for Family needed, Erica, Lori, Michael , Alexander, Justin, Aly ,, …..

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago

Thank you

Martha Gastonguay
2 years ago

Wayne, Lisa, Real, Huguette. Gilles, JP, Helen, Diane