2nd November - What Do I Think God is Saying to Me Through it?

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2 years ago

I feel like you’re speaking for me – and possibly others too – when you talk about how we were taught to do things in primary school; we did them because that’s what we were taught and that was what I thought being a good Catholic child was all about. Turning up and doing the “right” things, trying to avoid having your list of sins grow. It was without surrendering everything to God. I read the “burnt offerings” part as a reference to what could be described today as “disciplines” or “trappings” imposed by the leaders of the Church over… Read more »

Tracey Button
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for doing this series it really has shown me a new way to approach the Bible Thank you, You are such a Blessing to the Kingdom of God

Maria De santis
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce but how do I know what scripture text to read to hear God speak to me

2 years ago

Thank you. I have a long way to go with All of my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Vaji Gunawardene
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the teaching today. I now that I must love my God and trust in him with all my heart . I’m longing to hear his voice in my heart. God bless you ! Please pray for my family and me.

2 years ago

I know God has spoken to me in different ways at different stages in my life. Now in retirement, I have more time to look back, see His guidance. As a young convert, I had so much head knowledge about what and how I should act which led to decades of trying to rid myself of a guilt-ridden faith. I have had to learn to love God as a loving Father. It was and still is not enough to know about God, I now try to know God but still dismally fail at loving Him with all my heart, with… Read more »

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago

Thank you

Silas chuhan
2 years ago

I am not a Catholic but born-again Christian and I am really blessed to hear God’s word from you amen amen thank you

2 years ago

Thank you for your wonderful teaching Bruce. I also enjoyed your response to Lee that I took a peek at. Only by the Grace of God can I get closer to Him, & I also have more work to do in surrender of myself in heart, mind , soul & strength.

2 years ago

Great message Bruce, this hit home, thanks for opening my heart to this way of understanding the Word!

Artelle Lenthall
2 years ago

‘The Lord our God, The Lord is one’ I know this is not the most important part of the scripture- or perhaps maybe it is. It is the part that stopped me all week and that I feel called to contemplate. Is it the ‘to me at least’ obvious reference to the Trinity? Or is it something else? Would the Jews before Jesus’ life, death and destruction have had a concept of Trinity? If so, I’ll have to search and study to ‘see’ that. If not, what did they make of this line? Did they question its meaning too? And… Read more »

Dianne Meredith
2 years ago

Thank You Bruce. The Scripture text is telling me do not question God and trust in him and love him with everything. ” After That no one dared to ask him any question.

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for all the insights. May God continually bless you & your Ministry. Happy November Month

Myrtle Mitchell
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for that word I now realise I too have a long way to go. Much work to be done. God bless you.

Reply to  Myrtle Mitchell
2 years ago

We all do! Enjoy the journey! Bruce really does know how to set the table for all to feast on The Word! Happy Thanksgiving it is not a “holiday” but a way of life 24-7-365!!! Grateful hearts are thankful hearts ♥️ of love forFather, Son and Holy Spirit!

Judith Kay Christy
2 years ago

Pray for Shane Gloria Ricky Katrina Arthur Myself Amen

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for opening up our hearts to scripture with a new understanding and meaning and simplicity. God bless you for your hard work and dedication. Welcome back Rosemary and God bless you also.

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Gillian Van Wyk
2 years ago

Thank you for inspiring me into looking deeper into the messages of the Bible, I have so very much to learn

Dave Warren
2 years ago

I think the Lord is inviting us to be one with him, to truly allow him into our hearts and souls. That is how we can have a our personal relationship with him

2 years ago

I hear what God is saying to me…I need help with this…as i feel I am half hearted…and wrestle with total commitment…even though I have faith and believe..

Wesley Deane
2 years ago

Hi Bruce! Im really enjoying this series and the time spent on this amazing piece of scripture. I appreciate that it’s the reading from last Sunday’s Mass and when I heard it there, I felt the Lord speak to me. I was really reflecting on how I fall short on both of these commandments and especially on the second one, to love others as I love myself. I became very moved to improve here and I heard in my heart very clearly, « It requires Grace. » This brought me so much peace and I’ve been praying for God to Grace me… Read more »

Reply to  Wesley Deane
2 years ago

Beautifully said, Wesley.
Many thanks.
God Bless.

2 years ago

Good morning Bruce, I’m really enjoying this series, since I stated watching you almost a year ago, you have helped me on my faith journey. Please talk about loving our neighbour as ourselves; it’s easier to love our neighbour as ourselves if they share our values, practises, socioeconomic status etc; I find it difficult to love the thief, the liar, the abuser etc. How do I love ‘that’ individual. I pray that I will be less judgemental. I look forward to hearing you discuss that portion of the scripture.

Denise Cecil
2 years ago

I enjoy you every morning.Thank you

dorothy nicholls
2 years ago

God is saying to me i need to read his word more .

2 years ago

Believe the word of God , to be word . . read the word of God to be wise . practice the word of God to be blessed.

Patti Drummond
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce
I think in this passage and listening to your feelings I am able to take time to do an examination of my feelings of love with God. I want to give that powerful love to Our Almighty Father. I truly feel God’s mercy and love and pray I can love God as he has asked us “with all”

Margie Anderson
2 years ago

I feel it saying to me not to give up keep going and it going to get better. Leave it in his hands and stay strong

Jean Merron
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce fir explaining the passage of scripture today its good to break it down into sections we all have a long way to go as you say he seems more there for is as we ate for him this needs to change we need to be more here for him in our hearts. I find its hard sometimes to love your neighbour as your self not all people are nice people I struggle with this
the priest says pray for them I’m slowly coming round to this

Margaret Donovan
2 years ago

Thank you so much Bruce in helping me understand God’s meanings in the Bible, I now look to see what he is saying to me and understanding it. You are a gift from God. Thank you so much. Margaret

2 years ago

Thank you so much Bruce. I have tears in my eyes as I realize I have so far to go. I know I need to open my heart more.
God Bless you and your family!