How to Grow with God in 2023 - 4th January

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Cheryl O'Grady
1 year ago

Bruce. I loved the way you explained your
“differnt pitch ” msg today. My mind was going to different stories in the bible where Jesus met with individuals or groups and spoke in such a way that it hit the mark, sometimes it was direct, sometimes with such gentleness. Thankyou for leading us to be effective in our walk , but to grow closer to our Lord.

Reply to  Cheryl O'Grady
1 year ago

Yes may the Holy Spirit guide our every word to make Jesus known to those in great need!

1 year ago

You always give me such simple words to use in my prayer. While the concepts are in my heart I get to tangled up in trying to convey them to God. Thank you for pointing out the awesomeness of simplicity. Thank You.

1 year ago

Thank you for the wisdom of your words today. I LOVE the idea of asking
God for understanding and revealing himself to me in a deep and “pitch perfect” way that speaks to me. I can relate to the wisdom of asking for His words to reach my body, mind and soul so as a whole person I am in His care and His life is breathed into every aspect of my life.

1 year ago

Bruce Thank you for explaining the pitch message
Happy New Year
God Bless