Conversion - The Process of Change - 30th June

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Georgie Peachey
2 months ago

Another beautiful mediation for us to ponder on. Thank you Rosemary

2 months ago

Thank You Rosemary.
God Bless you.

Ursel Mihelcic
2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary

mark shoffner
2 months ago

I write because I don’t speak well in public.

Is Bruce no longer doing the daily devotionals?
2 months ago

Is Bruce no longer doing the daily devotionals?

2 months ago

Is Bruce OK? Will he be back soon?

Bruce Downes
Reply to  SAM
2 months ago

Hello Sam

As we have announced on a number of occasions I have been traveling. Rosemary has had a message on her heart to share and I am keen that she shares it with all of us.

I am watching and reading every comment.

I will be back soon.

God bless


Reply to  Bruce Downes
2 months ago

Anxious to hear how travels & meeting have gone for you, Bruce.
Safe travels home.

2 months ago

Rosemary ….one can easily tell your heart belongs to Jesus…so breathtakingly beautiful… Bruce has second place😉, exactly where he should be! My husband is enjoying Heaven today and forever …this is my 4th day without him by my side…57 years together and I have such a grateful heart for a our beautiful life together and every time I think of my husband enjoying Heaven I can only smile. Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I trust in You all and my everything! Holy Spirit strengthen me for this “ new” normal! Be very blessed dear one, you have a huge… Read more »

2 months ago

Wonderfully moving today. I love your sweet confidence and sincerity. Todays meditation was needed by me today , it spoke directly to an issue in my life. Thank you

2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary. It’s enjoyable to pray (along with you) from the “Prayers to the Holy Spirit”.

Pat Bertasso
2 months ago

Good Day Rosemary, I thank you this beautiful message it was truly inspirational and comforting at the same time.
God bless you, Im praying that Bruce has been successful in his mission to reach out to the millions he wishes to reach

Isabel. Jimenez
2 months ago

Amen 🙏

Lucy Kimani
2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary for the Conversation teaching. God Bless you & the Bruce Ministry

2 months ago

Thanks Rosemary!

Sally Ann Koester
2 months ago

May God’s Blessings surround you Rosemary, family & your beautiful spirit-filled ministry 🙂

Maria Laviste
2 months ago

I’m always in awe of how God moves or changes people. Glory be to God. Thank you, Rosemary. You are a testament to God’s love and work of the Holy Spirit.

Susan Breiding
2 months ago

My conversion began second day of Lent 2022 but until today I did not realize that. I stumbled on this Ministry and there is no looking back. What I learned today is that it does not happen and that’s it.. I must remain open to the Holy Spirit. The prayer today is going to be added to my Daily Prayer time to remind me. Thank you Rosemary.