December 6th - How You Can Live a Saintly Life

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Robert Falzon
6 months ago

“You are holy”

john kearney
6 months ago

We are holy yesterday at JPC 40th celebration. enjoy Holy by all

6 months ago

pray because God never stop listening and he will answer you .

6 months ago

Feeling the blessings in life! Thank you!

Lucy Kimani
6 months ago

Thank you Bruce for the guidelines of living a Holy Saint Life. God Bless you abundantly

Carolyn Keffer
6 months ago

I taught in my parish school back in the ’70’s &’80’s. And a fellow teacher referred to to older women and men as our parish’s old relics. Both of our Mothers were included in that group. She and they are now in their heavenly home.

Jones Ruth
6 months ago

I feel blessed everyday! You are holy, and soft spoken. GOD has given you a great gift of speaking. Thank you!!!!

Ursel Mihelcic
6 months ago


Jean Merron
6 months ago

We try to be good we try to be holy but then people get in the way causing problems you end up arguing with them how can you be good when things like this happens