December 13th - Your Heart is What Counts

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John T
2 years ago

How beautiful was this rendition and so beautifully sung and what a beautiful way to reflect on the birth of Jesus, it’ll be nice to reflect on during the business of the day.
God’s blessings 🙌 🙏 to you all.

2 years ago

When God is all you have , you have all you need .

Valerie Lack
2 years ago

This passage is interesting, isn’t it? The chief priests and Elders ask Jesus a question. He doesn’t answer them, but instead asks them a question. Instead of answering the question which Jesus asked directly, they colluded with one another, trying to give an answer which suits them best. They do not answer with honesty, in an open handed way. Instead they answer in a devious way with hypocracy.

Beth Graas
2 years ago

Thank you for that beautiful reminder ….. music blesses and reaches hearts when words just don’t do it for us. What would the Christmas season be without music? Wishing the entire Bruce Downes team a blessed Christmas. ❤️❤️

Margaret Daniels
2 years ago

Beautiful singing of Holy Night.
Thank you for this. I will keep listening to it over Christmas.
And may God continue to bless Bruce, Rosemary, and all the team, who provide us with such rich food for our Spiritual growth. A very Holy and joyful Christmas to you all. 🙏❤️

2 years ago

Please pray for my family’s physical, mental and spiritual healing. Also for peace in the world and for those in the periphery.