December 24th - Jesus Comes for You

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1 year ago

Thank you God for Bruce and Rosemary and everybody at their ministry for bringing Your Word into my life.

1 year ago

Thanks so much Bruce. I pray that God blesses each of you, Rosemary, your family, your ministry team and all of us who are your viewers/listeners this Christmas. Happy Christmas everyone!!

Antoinette Zammit
Reply to  Lee
1 year ago

I wish everybody a very holy and merry Christmas may God bless us all.

1 year ago

May Christmas blessings be with you Bruce and your family. A huge thanks to you and team for the wonderful work you do. Merry Christmas.

1 year ago

Thank you for the blessing you have been in so many lives. We wish you, your family and the team a happy and holy Christmas.

Pauline Power
1 year ago

To you Bruce Rosemary and family wishing you a Christmas filled with peace joy love and a new year filled with an abundance of greatfull thanks for these daily devotional they have helped me tremendously. Gods richest blessings to you all.

1 year ago

Lord , l pray for spiritual blessings and wisdom . you support this your , and to wish you safe and happy Christmas and wonderful new year !

Carol Christophers
1 year ago

Hi Bruce & Rosemary well from Lent till Christmas Eve it has been such a joy & gift to be involved & able to hear the wonderful Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which to me has been so fresh & powerful even though I have been a Christian for many years. My heart wish for you both is that the joy of the birth of Jesus would touch your lives powerfully & I wish for you a very merry Christmas & an exciting future in your ministry. Love from Carol & Graham.

1 year ago

Thank you to Bruce, Rosemary & the Team for the inspirational sharing of your faith through this Advent journey – it has truly been a blessing to me & I hope to all those to whom I have forwarded them on… With best wishes & abundant blessings of love, joy & peace for Christmas & the New Year – may it be kind to us all…. May God bless us all…. praise & thanks… Amen.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and all the ministry team. I pray that you all have the most wonderful Christmas and may God continue to bless the work you do in spreading the message. Our world needs it more than ever! God bless.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce Rosemary and your Ministry fir bringing the word Of God into my Life.God bless you merry Xmas.Thank you so much. I pray for Peace and love and Joy in my family this Xmas evening and Xmas day.

1 year ago

May God continue to richly bless you at this time of His Coming and all times to follow.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for the beautiful Advent talks.
I wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bruce!!! For this lovely message!!! That Jesus is COMING FOR ME!!! Thank you for the heartfelt prayers! Thank you for this series!!! I thank God for all you do for us and for me!!! May the Lord be so gracious to you Bruce, Rosemary, all those who work in the ministries and to all your families. May you all have a Blessed Christmas!!! And all who follow your messages and ministries, Happy Christmas and may God bless you all!!!

Judith Kay Christy
1 year ago

Pray for Shane Gloria

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for thiascadvent journey. It has blessed me greatly.

Joan Page
1 year ago

Merry blessed Christmas Bruce and Rosemary!

1 year ago

Thank you and all your team for these wonderful “Daily Devotions”. God Bless you all. Have a wonderful and holy Christmas.

1 year ago

Merry Christmas to the Downes family, and to all the people who watch this program.

Marci Valente
1 year ago

God bless you and your family Bruce this Christmas and always. Thank you for sharing your message of The Coming of the Lord with us and making ready our hearts to receive Him. Merry Christmas to all of you. 💞🙏🎄

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Annette A Deitz
1 year ago

Peace, Hope. Joy and Love be blessed upon all. Thank you for your ministry. Merry Christmas!

1 year ago

God Bless You and Yours this Christmas Day in Australia. In this day before Christmas in Columbus, Ohio …we prepare for our Christmas Eve and the coming of our Lord. Amen

Paulette Samai
1 year ago

Amen! Bruce and Rosemary thank you for sharing with us every day. Yes we must give thanksgiving to praise and give worship every day and this blessed Christmas Eve.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for always sharing power sermons daily. May God abundantly bless you & your Ministry

Maureen Crosby, SSD
1 year ago

Thank you both for your reflections.
Sister Maureen

Sandra Brown
1 year ago

Merry Christmas to you and Rosemary and your family may you make wonderful memories and have a blessed day. Thank you for your encouraging words throughout the year.

1 year ago

Christmas blessings to you and Rosemary and to all at the ministry. May peace, joy and love overflow from your hearts. Merry Christmas.

Jones Ruth
1 year ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends and co-workers. We did get a White Christmas this year, and yes it is cold. Tonight our church was packed, and it felt so right, and more like Christmas.

Carla Villafana
1 year ago

What a beautiful thought.. God would do it all Just for Me. Thank you Bruce. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas. Please pray for my estranged son and his little family. I miss them so much. Merry Christmas Rosemary.

1 year ago

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Lavonne Benedict
1 year ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family from our house to yours. May you have a blessed day and year.

Kathy Wilson
1 year ago

Merry Christmas Bruce and Rosemary, family and crew! God Bless you all, Thank You All for All That YOU Do ❤ prayers 🙏

Ursel Mihelcic
1 year ago

Thanks Blessed Xmas

brian Dressel
1 year ago

Thanks for prayers

deanna Francke
1 year ago

Thank You Bruce for this past year of Daily Devotionals it has been such a transformation for me. I pray that God will bless you, Rosemary, your family & your ministry team with His Choicest Blessings in the New Year. Also, with good health so that you can keep on doing the work that you do so well.🎄🧨🙏

Barbara Naylor
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful teaching you do every day 🙏🙏🙏