How to Hear From God This Advent

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1 month ago

Thank you Bruce for your message today. What a Blessing. A great reminder. Thank you.

1 month ago

I would give if I could, but we are so financially broken, and the Rand exchange doesn’t help matters. But I send my thanks and love from Cape Town to Bruce, Rosemary, staff and all those listening to these messages and praying for us. God bless us all in South Africa.

1 month ago

Thank you so much Bruce for this timely and encouraging message!!! Bruce perhaps a half to one hour before watching this special Sunday Teaching, I wrote down the Verse of The Day but felt I needed to know more, so I read the whole chapter! A little while after I looked up more about the prophet and was given a scripture passage that would explain the mission and declaration the prophets of his time what God wanted His people to know. That I read in Micah 6:6-8. when I got to the scripture verse 8 my heart did a leap!… Read more »

1 month ago

Lord, come be the center of my life. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Doris Zielinski
1 month ago

Hi Bruce, I would like to know why is the Third Sunday of Advent a pink candle and the priest is in a pink vestment?

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Doris Zielinski
1 month ago

Hi Doris, the third Sunday of Advent is rose (pink) because pink symbolizes joy, the joy that Jesus is almost here. When parents get ready to bring a new baby home, they typically paint the baby’s room pink or blue. They do this out of joy for to baby’s arrival. In the same way, the priest wears pink and we light a pink candle to represent the joy we feel to welcome Jesus in Christmas. I pray you are blessed in this special season. Sandra – BDCM Team

1 month ago

Please pray for the repose of the soul of my sweet friend Denise who passed away last night at the tender age of 45. Pray also for the comfort of her family, where she is the only daughter. She has suffered much physical pain in her life and in the last months mental anguish from betrayal that she surely did not deserve. Thank you, Bobbi

Ursel Mihelcic
1 month ago


1 month ago

Having recently returned to church, post covid restrictions, I was baffled by words I have been saying for decades and thinking is this how we speak to God , in this repetitive fashion? Like our times tables at school ? It made me appreciate Bruce and Rosemary’s day to day videos, even more, and the clear , meaningful language you use to speak with God. Simple as “Here I am Jesus”.
Gods blessings to all of you who put together this incredible connection to God and his people.

Gail de Oliveira
28 days ago

I am struggling to change my contact details so that I can continue to receive the daily devotionals and all the emails.

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Gail de Oliveira
27 days ago

Hi Gail, I have changed your email address so that you will receive the Daily Devotional videos and you can catch up on all of our videos on our website: I pray you are blessed in this season. Sandra – BDCM Team