It's all about our Hearts - 26th December

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5 months ago

Beautiful Rosemary, you have inspired me. Thank young bless you

Donna Redfearn
5 months ago

That was lovely thanku

5 months ago

Thanks Rosemary enjoy your talk this morning

5 months ago

Thank you, Rosemary.

5 months ago

Thank you Rosemary. I’m determined to pray more effectively. God bless you and your family amen!

5 months ago

Thankyou Rosemary, you are wonderful, have a Blessed Day💜

5 months ago

Thanks, Rosemary, for the reminder to review my relationship with God and reflect on my prayer life.

5 months ago

Thank you Jesus for the beautiful message you sent through Rosemary this morning. Help me to be more mindful of humility and humbleness in my speaking. Amen

Patti Grandolfo
5 months ago

Thank you, prayer in humbleness and humility. In Jesus’name through the power of the Holy Spirit 🙏🕊️❤️

5 months ago

Thank you Rosemary This is going to be a blessed week. I love the Subject and it is one that continues to challenge me. I want to be more effective in my prayer and I need to have more”trust” that I am using my words in prayer effectively so that is going to be my word for the week as we take this journey with you. God Bless you and the Ministry.

Reply to  Susan
5 months ago

Beautifully said, Susan.
God Bless.

5 months ago

Loving time with you Rosemary. Thank you for this message of ‘Thy will be done”.

Barry Tennihan
5 months ago

Wonderful and inspiring message today Rosemary! Thank You

Lala Mooney
5 months ago

Yes. Beautiful presentation. Great ideas. Good approach of writing the ideas on the side.