Advent 2020 - Starts Sunday

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Doug McColl
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. God Bless. Your messages during Advent, is a special time given to us, to prepare us spiritually for Christmas. This reminds us that this is the moment for us to wake from sleep. We believe in God’s promise that the Son of Man is coming into our world. We can and must be awake and ready this Advent season to receive the unexpected gift of God’s loving presence at any moment. Our God loves us unconditionally—-just as we are. We will begin to walking the light as we are called to make God’s love alive through our… Read more »

3 years ago

love the practical steps you have shared today. Blessings and peace

Leonie Cornell
3 years ago

You make it come more understandable every time I hear this.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding me in this message of the Reflection and Action Method and showing me where I went wrong in the past! It took me hours to do and I could barely recall what I wrote. Your example has shown me a better way and I thank you Bruce for this!!! I will be joining you all for Advent in excitement, ready to expect the unexpected! And I have told all minus one in my family where to access your Advent messages. I am organising also a watch party at Church too Bruce! I’m hoping and will… Read more »

Jean-Daniel Meetoo
3 years ago

Hi. Thank you Bruce. I have been touched and anointed by your uplifting message on Advent (preparing our heart for the coming of Jesus) this afternoon.
Have a blessed week.

Sonya Cupido
3 years ago

Gm Bruce. Thank you for sharing with us these special messages of Advent with us. This is such a special time for us to spiritually grow stronger and rejoice in the birth of the Christ Child. May we all find peace and love and just know that Hod loves us unconditionally. God bless

Bruce O'Ehley
3 years ago

Many thanks and lots of Blessings to you.