We Must Be Pruned - 30th August

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Donna Redfearn
29 days ago


29 days ago

Thank you Rosemary for another thought provoking delivery.

29 days ago

Thank you Rosemary!

Peter Speranza
28 days ago

Thank you and God Bless Rosemary for helping me understand God Will for us, even though at times we may not appreciate it is His love for us to bear more “good fruit”. God reveals His Truth in His creation. It is only that I don’t notice it. As you mentioned for example the rose bush. If someone was walking past a house and saw the owner of this property viciously prune back a rose bush, and this person walking past didn’t understand gardening, they would assume this property owner was trying to destroy or hurt this rose bush. Whereas… Read more »

28 days ago

Thank you Rosemary for stepping in for Bruce today – what a team!
Thank you for your sharing, for the challenge and encouragement!

28 days ago

Thank you Rosemary God Bless you and Bruce in your ministry.

Ursel Mihelcic
28 days ago

Thanking Rosemary for helping your husband .Great team

28 days ago

After the tropical storm last night 🥹and walking in the “new normal” of my life.. you dear one ..fed my heart and gave me the words in due season to see things more clearly! Continue to be led by Him for the right message at just the right time!💝

28 days ago

Thank you, Rosemary!

Isabel. Jimenez
27 days ago

Thank you. Amen 🙏

27 days ago

😊 Thank You 🙏 Rosemary&Bruce enjoy time off and rest up ✨. Better times are coming with God’s 🤍 help.

27 days ago

With Gods help We will walk deeper in love and understanding! Thank you for your being here to encourage us.