THE WEEKLY | Why We Give Something Up for Lent?

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Raffaella Librandi
15 days ago

Such a great recap for me on what Lent is all about. Walking by the Spirit, being led by the Spirit and it is bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

Shirley Jenner
15 days ago

I had the exact reaction after 23 days without sugar in my tea, to rid my body of candida. That was in 1998, never had sugar again. For Lent, I give up or take up something different every Wednesday, that way it’s easier for me to keep my promise

Reply to  Shirley Jenner
15 days ago

great idea…I have diabetes and it’s sooooo hard to give up sugar. Thank you.

Reply to  Linda
12 days ago

A Priest once said to me that each lent season is to better you life. So true