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Bruce Downes
3 years ago

I pray that today’s Message is a blessing to your life. God is seeking a closer relationship with you individually today as if there is no one else on the entire planet. God wants you to know Him personally more today. It is in the hidden Private Place of our lives where we meet God most deeply.

God bless you today.


Deidre Herring
3 years ago

Thank you for so much practical guidance. I suffer from recurring depression and your daily reflections have helped me more than any medications or counselling. I once had a wonderful spiritual relationship with God but my mind fought against me and I’ve been trying to regain that relationship. You and another Christian group I belong to are helping me get back to that closeness I used to have with God. I am aware that it was me who closed the door, not God.
May He continue to bless your ministry.

John T
3 years ago

Some wonderful point’s Bruce on private reflection of ones self and how to reconnect with God. I feel that every time I listen to your daily talks I learn something new and what ever I learn I put into practice when I have my quite time, in my chair, with God. I was listening to another talk you gave and picked up on how sometimes our faith can be like a leaking bucket and yes this can be so true, and one thinks why is this happening? When one try’s to be the best one can be, then I make… Read more »

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you SO MUCH BRUCE! I needed to hear this message to the end so much!!! It has confirmed that in several ways I am no the right track, THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT!!! However there are other several things I need to do and others I need to REMIND MYSELF TO DO MORE OFTEN!!! I thank you also Bruce for your prayer that I needed to see today. This series has been mightily encouraging and it’s only Tuesday!!! May the Lord pour down His blessings abundantly upon you Bruce!!!

Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

Jesus is my healer. He has rescued me from depression & I will thank Him all day long/ Praise God!

Leonie Cornell
3 years ago

I am really enjoying these words and thoughts. Just a note that I intended to reccommend the Advent series to my church familythrough their facebook group. I will still do that, but I note that prominently in our weekly bulletin which goes out to all on the parish list, not just in church but everyone who has given their email address, there is a notice suggesting your Advent series. So happy. Will add my promotion also. God Bless. praying for transformation and moving forward in Advent this year.