Reflection Takes Us Deeper - Matthew 23:23-26

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Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s Living Miraculously daily Devotional. Funny how I was reading the daily reflections in God’s Word 2020 and read today’s scripture. I made a comment at the end. I thought I had written all I had to say but was compelled to go back and finish the last sentence You Lord shall judge us according to our deeds and what is in our hearts.You are spot on Bruce God is also merciful, loving and just. Yes He wants us to obey the rules for our own good but without love and mercy they can become hollow… Read more »

3 years ago

Today’s scripture strikes me as being a strong example of “substance over form” – the widow’s mite – giving her all in faith and trust over giving some surplus that wouldn’t be missed, what is fair and just in the circumstances over the technical application of rules. You make a strong point about rules being sensible and what you want as the substance becomes more meaningful. As a “Catholic of that age” I can recall times of abiding by the rules because that was what was expected (and the boarding school I went to punished you for what seemed even… Read more »