How to Listen to God

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2 years ago

you are protected by the blood of Jesus .

2 years ago

Excellent! Thank you! Exactly what I needed to listen…God bless you, your family and your ministry.

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago

Thank you

2 years ago

Please for my husband and my daughter as they go through their trials and face the storms of life… May our Lord give them the strength they need to see that this will ultimately grow them deeper in their relationship walk with God.

Judith Kay Christy
2 years ago

For Shane

2 years ago

Bruce what a wonderful message!!! I am jotting most of this down because I believe it’s that IMPORTANT to me!!! But I won’t be able to finish this tonight! So I will do a bit at a time each day until I finish. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Bruce with the Daily Devotional and back to this message to write down some more important points!!! Until then,may the Lord continue to bless you Bruce,Rosemary and all who do such great work in the ministries for the glory of the Lord and for all of us!!!Bye for now!

Lilian Museo Kuria
2 years ago

Thank you, pastor Bruce, for such a powerful message. May God bless you.

2 years ago


Jones Ruth
2 years ago

Another great job today Bruce. Thank you. Pray for the USA and I will pray for Australia.

Douglas H Thomas Sr
2 years ago

A beautiful message today

Robyn Sinclair
2 years ago

;thanks Bruce for such an enlightening, thought provoking and inspiring message.
May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry. Our world needs such wisdom

Susan Cutshall
2 years ago

Could you please check my email, I no longer am receiving this. Please restart my mailings.
[email protected]
Thank you!
Susan Cutshall