December 31st - Look Toward the Day to Come

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2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for your message it was very encouraging

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary. Thank you , Thank you : for your wonderful faith, for sharing your practice of The Examine and for opening our hearts to God. Bless you and wishing you, Bruce and the ministry a wonderful New Year.

John T
2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for sharing this series with us, it was truly wonderful ❤ and may you all at the ministry be truly blessed 🙌 in the new year 🙏 2022. Amen 🙏 🕊

2 years ago

l pray that 2022 is better for each and every one of us ! love

2 years ago

Thanks for the most meaningful talks.
Wish you and Bruce all the best for 2022!!!!
Appreciate all you are doing to spread the faith!

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for your inspiring words today. May you, Bruce and all the team be abundantly blessed for all you are and do.

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary. New Year Blessings for you, Bruce & Family & the Ministry team. Great inspiration.

2 years ago

Thank you, Rosemary, for this wonderful series. Your insights have made it so much easier to put Examen into practice. Wishing you, Bruce and your family and everyone in the Ministry God’s abundant blessings in the New Year.

Eileen Garoni
2 years ago

Thanks Rosemary for your help.May you Bruce and your family have a wonderful 2022 God bless you all

2 years ago

Great message, great week. Thank you Rosemary.

Tanya O'Neill
2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary. It was so nice to hear from you after hearing so much about you.

I have enjoyed your prayers.

May God continue to Bless you and all of us.

Tanya O’Neill

2 years ago

Rosemary I thank you so much for this very special message that the Lord put on your heart!!! Just what I needed to hear at the start of this New Year!!! I have 30 minutes to go before mid- night and I have felt this was a great way to end this year and start new! And I want to thank you for informing us all about the Author of The 5 Steps! I had to repent for thinking that you may have invented these steps yourself!!! Sorry! Was I so wrong!!! May the Lord GREATLY bless you Rosemary, Bruce… Read more »

Carol Eslinger
2 years ago

Thank you. Rosemary!!
It was very enlightening.

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank You Rosemary for sharing this week’s lessons. We were truly blessed by you. Wishing you all a a blessed New Year God bless💞🙏🕊🌈🎊

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary,
Luv the 5 steps, I’m going to try them in the New Year.
Praying for myself that I stay strong with God’s help. And for my family that they come back to Church.

Reply to  Peggy
2 years ago

Joining you in that prayer for both… no ALL our families! He hears and will answer this heartfelt prayer because we know beyond a shadow of doubt that is His Will! AMEN AND AMEN! and we will wait patiently as He works His Way behind the scenes!!!😉

Reply to  Sandie
2 years ago

I feel the same way .. Blessings to all for 2022

Reply to  Kathleen
2 years ago

🥺🙏🎉. God has a Way of having His own Way! The first people who believed were called people of the aWay!😉. Be very blessed this year!!

2 years ago

Please pray for Andrew that God guides him to achieve self-support and his dream. Amen.

Mona Torres
2 years ago

Thank You for sharing this beautiful message about how we should talk to God and listen to him. I love the way you speak and truly show the grace & Love of God. Thank You So Very Much Rosemary.

2 years ago

Beautifully put…🙏for all to embrace this practice and know God is pleased! One sided relationships don’t work…He is waiting! Asking for Gods best for you and your beloved husband and the entire ministry!!! Happy New Year!! Every day is a 🎁and clean slate to write on!!🎉🕊

2 years ago

Rosemary, thanks for the reminder to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. My husband & I pray together each morning but we don’t usually invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, which we will now do. Happy New Year!.

2 years ago

Rosemary, thank you for the wonderful series that you did this week. Everyday this week, I waited eagerly to listen to what you had to say to us. Thank you.

Happy New Year to you and your family. God bless all of you.

PS Already looking forward to when you do your next series.

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary|

Teresa Weinmann
2 years ago

I’m missing Bruce. Is he ill or is he traveling?

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for the marvellous week spent with you. Both your daily and extended devotionals have been a blessing for me. Please come back to us whenever you can.

2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for the past five days the messages were really encouraging & heartfelt

julia hayes
2 years ago

Thank you for your gentle and beautiful inspiration may God Bless you and your family in the new year
continue bringing the word…🙏🌈❤

2 years ago

Thank you for these guiding talks to start the New Year afresh.
God Bless you and Bruce and your wonderful team.

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago


2 years ago

Thank you Rosemary
It was lovely hearing you all week and your inspirational daily messages were so meaningful .
Wishing you Bruce and all the team a happy and healthy and blessed New year

Denise Burke
2 years ago

Love this series Rosemary. I keep coming back to this one. Thank you and God bless you and Bruce in your ministry.

9 months ago

Rosemary I love this particular episode and have saved it. From time to time I revisit it as I am doing tonight. Very moving. Thank you.