Growing in Insight - 17th November

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Jeanette Easton
1 year ago

Thinking of you both and keeping you both in prayer. My emails have been down, been a challenge but have finally been able to tune into you.. keep up your wonderful ministry and know how much you are loved.

Denise Hall
1 year ago

Bruce & Rosemary, thank you for your responses to how the Lord is calling you both to proclaim the infinite, unconditional & eternal love & mercy that God has for everyone. Thank you for your generosity in surrendering to all the personal sacrifices & physical discomforts that your ministry is demanding of you, especially as you are traveling overseas at present. May the Lord keep you healthy & safe & bless you with restful sleep! Thanks & praise, Amen.

1 year ago

Bruce, thank you for your prayer this morning. Bruce, my prayers are with the Mother of your friend 35year old.R.I.P. May the Lord grant eternal rest to him and to his Father who died in January. May the Lord send comfort to this family. May the Lord continue blessing you and Rosemary.

Reply to  Katie
1 year ago

I join you in that prayer for comfort and peace to that family!

Reply to  Katie
1 year ago

Yes, definitely keeping that family (and you, Bruce) in my prayers.

1 year ago

Thankyou Bruce, may God Bless you and Rosemary on your journey.💜🙏💜

1 year ago

My prayers also to this family, Your Friend and his son, I know they are safe at home now my prayers and love to their family here. Thank you and your team for the sacrifice of coming to the US and giving so many a chance to experience you. Rest well my friends.

Wendy Curry
1 year ago

So sorry you had to be another victim of the Airline problems! I know how frustrating and exhausting that can be, as we have experienced it more than once. God Bless you both and I pray he does replenish your energy and comfort.

1 year ago

oh no!! Save travels. Hope you get some rest today.

Barry Tennihan
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, I needed that message. Praying for you both on your travels and thanking God for all the souls you are blessing.