Jesus Shows Us How to Be Determined - 7th September

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Cheryl O'Grady
9 months ago

Thankyou Bruce for bringing out the key points to this msg. I had not looked at it this way before. Jesus didn’t look at yesterday’s work, but connected with the Father to continue on his mission. Had he not heard from the Father, He could have been caught with those calling Him back. Revelation here!! Thankyou!

Carol Czujko
Reply to  Cheryl O'Grady
9 months ago

You are so right, Cheryl. I had not looked at it that way at all. Thank you

Gary Robertson
9 months ago

Thankyou for that great message today

Jeanette Easton
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce that was a great message

Lisa Dreyer
9 months ago

Thank you, Amen

9 months ago

Thank you, Bruce.

Ellie Johnstone
9 months ago

Hello from England, not Catholic, but loving you and Rosemary. Thank you, I listen every morning, sometimes even my husband of no apparent faith listens!! Thank you for being a great encourager, an ordinary chap with extroadinary prayers . We have 5 big kids too, and love your family/personal stories!x

Reply to  Ellie Johnstone
9 months ago

I love hearing this. Bruce does do a great job in making everyone feel welcomed and encouraged.

Joy Bankey
9 months ago

Bruce thank you 🙏🏻

Patti Grandolfo
9 months ago

Thank you for uncovering the meanings behind all that is said. Please Lord help to be faithful in your will everyday. Make known what my calling is . In Jesus’name through the power of the Holy Spirit 🙏🕊️♥️

9 months ago

Thank you for leading us so lovingly. Am I faithful to Christ on all areas of my life? I confess I don’t even think about all the areas of my life. Gosh, how important! Even old and retired, I have many areas of connection! Going to pray now♥️🙏

Vince Alviano
9 months ago

I do enjoy your talks, I was raised a Catholic but have not attented a mass in years. I now attend another Christian church but my heart is still with the Catholic chuch. I have come across people that do not agree with the Catholic beliefs . I listen but I do not respond to avoid agruments. Again I do enjoy your daily.

9 months ago

Thank you Bruce!! I have been watching your videos and I am so happy you explain everything so well. To me that means a lot.
Thank you for what you are doing.
You do a fantastic job as well as Rosemary, who also does a fantastic job also.
Thank you to both of you!!

9 months ago

Thank you Bruce! Back listening to you now after being away this summer! Looking forward to some messages for our young adults that I can pass along 🙂

9 months ago

Great message!!! If Jesus had to pray…how much more do we have to!!! “Father God, mightily use Bruce and Rosemary and the entire team to bring a hunger to all of us to really embrace your love of all of us especially those who don’t yet believe! Thank you… Jesus we get to call God Almighty, Father and we get a new family!”

9 months ago

Yes I am trying My best as a Widowed Man to follow God❤️ with Two Beautiful Children and a Beautiful Daughter in-Law and thank God Two Beautiful Grandaughter’s. Thanks 😊❤️Bruce&Rosemary and Team for Helping Love Robert 😊.

Irene Riccio
9 months ago

Thank You for this! I love learning and you are a wonderful teacher.

Mary Estep
9 months ago

We enjoy this so much. My husband and I listen together every night when he gets home from work. It takes away the stress of the day!
Thank You,
Mary and Mark Estep

9 months ago

Does anyone know what happened to the singers and musicians that used to be on Sunday’s?

9 months ago


9 months ago

I haven’t listened to you in a while. I wasn’t getting the emails. I remember now why I love listening to you (and thank you so much for closed caption). Your messages are so easy to understand and said in a way that touches me. Thank you!