Finishing Well - Day 1

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Shirlesta Patrick
2 years ago

Thank you. You are a real blessing. May God continue to use you and your ministry to reach many. God bless.

2 years ago

Thank you. Truly you make such sense. I so enjoy your devotions. Bless you.

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for sharing this message with us today. Thank you both for being personal examples for forgiveness that is needed in our own close relationships. I hold onto the encouragement that forgiveness will change and transform my life, despite the disagreements.May the Lord continue to bless you both! I’ll be seeing you both tomorrow!

2 years ago

I have tried to model forgiveness to my family.. at times I feel I have failed..but continue to pray for peace amongst us

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Diane
2 years ago

Hello Dianne

The key word in what you have written is the word, ‘tried.’ God does the rest I find. I am sure God is very proud of your efforts. Thanks for writing I appreciate it.

God bless


Eily Bates
2 years ago


Sandie Murray
2 years ago

What a sweet couple you make! We are allowed to have our own individual thoughts! Agree to disagree agreeably! If someone needs to change God will work on it hem through our prayers! And Catholic wives know how to pray!! I have been married for 53 years! It’s good to keep a clean slate so “He” can write on it tomorrow! God is so very good to all of us!!

Shranima Fernandes
2 years ago

Bless you both Bruce and Rosemary

Gerrie smithets
2 years ago

God Bless