Fight For Your Future - 17th July

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John T
11 months ago

Thanks Bruce your message this morning truly resonated with me. Like all your messages, over the years, that I’ve been listening to you there’s always been a life experience that I have taken out and made a change in my way of living the in the way that God has chosen. Yes there’s been pain, sacrifice and commitment, but it has always been the right choice with God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit centre of the step by step changes I’ve made
Gods blessing to you and your team 🙏 🕊☺️

11 months ago

Your message today went straight to my heart. Sending many prayers for you to be successful in Chicago. The world needs your words! Thank you

Jo micallef
11 months ago


Carol Christophers
11 months ago

What is wrong with Adelaide S.A. Bruce “City of Curches”. Only way many south Australians can see you

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Carol Christophers
11 months ago

Hello Carol Yes I have never been to the City of Churches. I was only thinking of Adelaide the other day. There are many people who watch from there along with many Faith Builders. I am sure we could make something happen as others from Adelaide have asked also. I and the team have had it on our heart to share Christ in different places. I will soon be Brisbane, Australia, a special event in Chicago in the USA for two days in September and then London. Let me talk to our team. We often wait and respond to interest.… Read more »

Pat Bertasso
11 months ago

Thank you Bruce this message resonated with me. I look forward to your daily messages which feeds my soul spiritually.

11 months ago

It seems that you can read me like a book. Except I know all of us struggle our way through life, getting knocked around, getting knocked down. I read a meme once that said “nature teaches us the same lesson over and over again until we learn it.”. Well, I think that’s God doing that. And unfortunately, I’m a slow learner!
At any rate, I have finally learned to trust our Triune God and ask Him for help through pain, sacrifice and commitment. Mostly I’ve been getting the message. Thanks, Bruce, Rosemary and team for helping me in getting there.

Reply to  Gail
11 months ago

Goof Morning Gail!
You certainly are NOT alone! I too, am a slow learner! We all struggle in one way or another on this journey called “Life”. I find Bruce & Rosemary open my eyes a little wider to see His way! They’ve changed my life a year and a half ago!

I’m excited to know of Bruce’s coming to Chicago! That’s about 4 hours + from me. Hopefully, the Good Lord willing, my husband and I will be able to make the trip! I probably should make arrangements soon!

All the Best, Gail!
May God Bless You!


11 months ago

Thank you Bruce. Just what I needed to hear <3

Ursel Mihelcic
11 months ago

Thanks Bruce