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John T
2 years ago

What a simple message Bruce which is so true, I can see that I’m not alone with my own feelings as to where are you God, but with persistence God is there always. On the rough days he’s carrying us, on the smooth day’s he’s walking beside us, as you say Bruce he’s there all the time, sometimes we just don’t see it.
Have a blessed day/week/month/year to you and all your team.

Reply to  John T
2 years ago

“Why Does God Allow Suffering?” 1020 translations on this Bible website.

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this straightforward message when Jesus seems to be far away from us. When we experience emptiness, lack of energy and strength in our circumstances. And it seems we can’t see, feel the Lord with us, working in and for us. Thank you Bruce for your simple suggestion, your simple prayer that can bring the Lord’s presence, the Lord’s help in our unsimplistic lives within and around us. Always according to the Lord’s will in His way and in His time! God bless you Bruce,Rosemary and Team!

Maureen J
Reply to  Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Jesus healed from a distance in answer to a parent’s requedt/prayer. Jesus will you come?????????????????

Avice Vogel
2 years ago

God is Good. I have been struggling for days with my prayer life and asking Jesus to come and help me at this time. Now I realise it is part of our journey. He is with me always and His help will come. My continued faith is required.

Katherine Reid
2 years ago

Amazing how God speaks directly to my present need! Thank you for being His voice to me today. May God bless your day in a special way.

2 years ago

I am grateful that Jesus is by my side. Thank you for your message of persevering in prayer.